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Hey, I'm Abhijit Deepa Pramod(Abi) 👋. I love all things tech. Huge fan of photography 📸, cinematography 🎥, chips 🍟, cycling 🚵‍♀️ and cats 😻. When I am not coding on my computer, you can find me at parks taking a stroll or reading a book.

This website is always a work in progress. Whenever I feel like it needs an update, I do it almost instantly. But the stack stays the same. This website and blog is powered by Astro, my favourite SSG and rest is plain old HTML, CSS and JS.

I work as a part-time web developer at Magpie Digital ↗️, where we help small businesses take off. I am interested in talking to you. Message me at [email protected] ↗️ to chat about anything. Thank you for visiting my page.